Where are you from?

I hail from the Orient, as they say. From that country that resembles an oddly shaped man swimming in a vast blue ocean somewhere in between China and Indonesia… and where the beaches are incomparable, and the food oh-so-scrumptious. If you still haven’t guessed it — the Philippines!

How long have you lived in Bergen?

Nearly 4 years now! Which actually makes me eligible to apply for permanent residency in Norway, and that’s pretty neat. Though, as a non-EU citizen, I have to take a series of exams before I´m even able to make the application (but that’s another story altogether!).

How’s it like living in Bergen?

Rainy. but you somehow get used to it like every other gum-boots-wearing and umbrella-toting Bergenser. And if you really think about it, Bergen´s damp pewter and oftentimes schizophrenic weather is a delight compared to the typhoons and storms I left behind in Manila.

Do you blog for a living?

I wish. No, I started this here blog as a way to sort through my many wandering and meandering (and often bungling) thoughts about life as a transplant in Norway. By day, I actually work in sales and double as a project manager for a boutique luxury travel agency.

Why Scandinique?

Don’t you just love the word? Because i do! There’s something about the way it rolls off your tongue — and how it incorporates my name and my new life in Scandinavia, in one little neat made-up word. Ok, I know I’m strange but i have this thing with words. I collect them, and it makes me happy when I discover new ones from books, that not only sound amazing, but have equally fascinating meanings.

Why did you start blogging?

In a couple of months, we are welcoming our little bouncing jelly bean and we couldn’t be more excited. And because i’m going to be on paid maternity leave for a grand total of 49 weeks (that’s almost a year!), I thought I’d take a stab at writing again. This time, as a proud new mama (and hopefully, a not too-tired-one at that).

I’ve got a question or two to ask you… or I have a suggestion, how do I contact you?

The best way to get in touch with me is through my contact page or you can always just leave a comment or message me on instagram. Unfortunately, my online footprint doesn’t extend quite too far.