Of Errands, Brunch and My Love for Organic Hipster Cake

Like most people, our weekends are spent running errands and completing chores we had postponed during the week. Gone were the days when I would wake up early and head out for brunch with my besties in the newest cafe in town or our usual old haunt. Such was the life in my twenties.

These days, I can count the number of times I’ve had brunch — in my one little hand — with friends. Perhaps, Norwegians just aren’t brunch people? I still haven’t quite figured that out, even after 3 years of living here.


My favorite deli shop, Colonialen Fetevare, serves some of the most delicious sandwiches fresh off the shelf (photo courtesy of Bergen Sentrum)

I tried dragging my husband out to brunch today (despite the grey and gloomy weather), hoping to have a hearty sandwich and hot chocolate at my favorite deli — Colonialen Fetevare — but was merely met with sleepy grunts. So, we ended up doing 2 batches of laundry instead and running baby shopping errands. Foldable baby tub and free diaper genie. Check. Check. And the first 10 episodes of Grace & Frankie Season 3. Check.

And while our Saturdays are normally spent attempting some level of productivity, our Sundays are usually geared up for the new week ahead. It used to be a frustrating and meaningless routine until my husband and I started a new tradition of taking short walks around the marina, ending at our local neighborhood cafe. Part grungy roastery and beanerie, part coffeeshop, Bergen Kaffebrenneri is my husband’s way of rewarding me for getting my ass out of the house for a bit of fresh air. And it’s worked great so far because I love cake and coffee, and did I mention they have a flea market out on the parking lot?


My favorite local neighborhood cafe and beanery in the hipster part of town, Bergen Kaffebrenneri (photo courtesy of JM Norge AS).

Despite the seemingly mundaneness of our weekend lives, I am relishing our passive routine because things are about to change in 8 weeks’ time — and no doubt, we would be wishing for things to be simpler again. Because brunches in the future would mean having to prepare one other person other than myself (and I already take a long time to get ready, as it is!) and our walks around the marina will now include a pram, a diaper bag, a changing pad and whatever else is needed for a baby’s day out. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

But whatever happens, we will still have cake. So that’s nice.

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