Hmm… where to begin with this one? I’ve never really quite mastered this bit, just because there’s always so much to say and very little space to do it (well, there is space, but you know what i mean).

I´m thirty something and I live in Bergen, a charming little city on Norway’s stunning west coast. I’m married to a wonderfully camera-shy craft-beer-brewing feline-loving Viking, and we’re expecting our first little jelly bean in May. We live in a teeny apartment in a near-century wooden blue house on a hill filled with Swedish flat pack furniture and the occasional flea market and Danish designer find that still makes my nose bleed at the thought of having spent a ton of money on a mod-inspired coffee jar, to name a few.

As for what you’ll find here, I love food (and I mean, all kinds — well, except for the insect-y stuff), travelling, mama ruminations, knitting (though i’m not that good at it) and life as an Asian transplant in perhaps one of the rainiest cities and most expensive countries in the world.

Thanks for stopping by!
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